About Our Church

At Shepherd of the Ridge we gather regularly to practice what we believe through worship, study, and service to others.  While we are not perfect, together we want to strive to become more like Jesus in our relationships and daily living.  Being together provides support and encouragement to work toward that goal.

We invite you to join us so that you too may experience the love of God.  Our service projects, study groups, and social events are open to everyone.  We hope that you will be our guest soon.

Our worship incorporates a variety of worship styles, with a blending of traditional hymns and contemporary worship songs.  Those attending services come in various attire -- from "business formal" to relaxed.  

Children are a part of our worship family and we cherish having them in the worship services.  At the back of the Worship Center there are Activity Bags for children to use during the service.  We all know from personal experience that children are active and noisy.  If your child's activity makes you uncomfortable, you are welcome to take him/her into the Lobby where you can still see and hear the service.

Holy Communion
We celebrate Holy Communion every Sunday.  It is our belief from the Bible that at Communion we receive the bread and the wine and attached to those earthly things are also the true Body and Blood of Jesus.  Those who share this belief are invited to share in the sacrament.  If you have questions or concerns, please speak to the pastor.

Coffee is available in the Lobby both before and after the worship service.  Please feel at home and help yourself.